[NOTICE] Closing Down

Hello everyone, 

I want to begin by letting you know that this email will have some very significant updates in it, if you know others who may have ordered through NiiCHE I would greatly appreciate it if you could share this information/let them know this update has been sent. I also plan to post a summary of this update on our socials too.

Firstly, I want to express how thankful I am to those who have been so understanding and patient at this time. I realise I may say this often, but I truly appreciate the kindness and support I have been shown by everyone who has been a part of NiiCHE’s journey this far.

During the past few months I have been working hard to finalise everything to make sure we were in a position to relaunch, but unfortunately due to a number of factors including my physical and mental health, this has not been possible.

In recent weeks, one of the biggest factors has been a serious injury to my knee, which as a consequence of not allowing myself the time to recover, has developed into something I cannot overcome while continuing with NiiCHE. I am already undergoing treatment for other chronic conditions and will need to find full-time employment to facilitate the surgery required to repair my knee. I am unable to handle the stress of trying to manage my health, NIICHE and looking for full time work at the same time.

I share these personal details to give context and maintain a level of transparency which I have always felt is important. I also don’t want anyone to think that I am purposely causing delay or not doing my best to achieve the level of service you deserve.

Taking this into consideration, I have decided closing NiiCHE and cancelling the iiNSTOCK launch is the most appropriate course of action at this time.

The first phase will include issuing refunds to everyone who has ordered products from us (including those who have filled in the lost order form).

Due to my current circumstances, I’m unable to give a timeline on when products will arrive in Aus and be sent out so this is the best option in line with Consumer Rights Victoria.

I also understand that some orders are for merchandise that is no longer available. If you don’t mind the timeline not being outlined or you have a limited item that you won’t be able to purchase elsewhere, you can fill in this form here and your order will not be cancelled/refunded: 


This form will be open for 7 days, after this I will begin processing refunds. There is also an option in this form to receive a refund for now, but be notified when the products arrive. 

If you have any questions, you can also email me. Our social media pages and emails will remain active for enquiries until all refunds and orders are completed.

Refunds will be processed to those who paid via Card and Afterpay/Zip/Klarna first as they can be refunded immediately.

For customers who ordered via PayPal, it will take a bit longer as I will need to have the funds available to action them. Some of these orders have also passed the refund time limit on PayPal so I will be contacting you individually to get the correct refund information.

To clarify, if the form is not filled in, you will receive a refund. All refunds will be processed within 60 days.

If you would like to cancel your current order but you’re unsure of places to purchase the item from, please let me know and I can try to give you an alternative supplier.

Secondly, part of closing down is selling the stock I have on hand. Typically, this would be done during liquidation but to most liquidators, the stock has no value and will most likely be thrown out or discarded at auction. I would like to ensure the stock ends up with fans/ people who love K-pop. I will begin re-listing what is left over on the NIICHE website for sale. If you would like to bulk purchase or order multiples of items, please email me and I will offer further discounts.

To help with shipping these items, I have asked a few friends to help with postage. They work full time and are helping in their spare time but will endeavour to send out these items ASAP.

For now, this will conclude our journey together.

I hope in the future I will be strong enough to continue or perhaps start a new venture, but until given the chance to finalise all existing responsibilities with NiiCHE and ensure my health is stable, it isn’t possible.

I understand this may be frustrating and disappointing, but after much consideration I feel this is the best solution. Many of you have waited a long time for me to get back on my feet and there is no way I can ever repay your kindness, support and patience. I truly wish I was strong enough to keep going and fulfil your expectations to make you proud to be a NIICHE customer, but as many of you have said, I need to put my health first. This is the first step in an attempt to do so.

Thank you again for your continued support and patience. I hope for the continued growth and love for K-pop in Australia.

- Jess